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with pride

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Tara Japan designed Tours

We selected several sites and events representative of every part of Japan which are beautiful,
distinctive and historically significant, showcasing Japanese sense and creativity,
and creating an authentic travel experience.

Tara Japan special Japan trip

Rare Tour plans

It is very challenging to arrange Japanese special events on tours, booking accommodation, tickets, private van, and so on.
You may wish to visit, feel, and experience them once in your lifetime.

Keep your group small

We have to ask you to keep your group small for your special experience to permit a seamless tour operation.

We keep special Japan tour luxurious and high quality.

Plan ahead of time

In order to do so, we definitely need to receive tour inquiry from you ahead of time.


Japanese sprit lives in its,
beautiful nature,
the sense in Japanese people

■ Tohoku Summer Festivals (2019)

■ Setouchi International Art Triennale (2019)

■ Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (2018)

■ Inuyama Spring Festival, Aichi (2018)

■ Yakushima Walking & Kagoshima - Takachiho (2017)

■ Japanese Tancho Crane & Winter Delicacy (2017)

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