Tara Japan

We started in a small town near the world heritage site of the Himeji castle in 1999.
After my several years' experience in tourism as a tour escort to Japanese seniors
and eighteen months experience of studying and staying with a host family in Canada,
I wished to reciprocate my appreciation to the people overseas who showed me how wonderful their countries are, but what can I do to realize my dream?
I had been traveling all over Japan, almost of 47 prefectures at the time, so
I wanted to represent Japanese beauty and magnificence to people overseas,
and to deepen the understanding of Japan culture. That was over 30 years ago.
A little school boy asked me with his curious eyes on the school bus,
"Do Japanese people drink coke?"
"Do Japanese people watch TV?"
Probably the image of Japan to a little boy is "Samurai".

My brother devotes his life to Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism.
Temple in Japanese is pronounced as T E R A.
My host sister in Canada is named Tara, very close sound of temple in Japanese.
Even after I came back to Japan, I wished to connect those people with remembering
the feeling of touch.
Our company logo describes an energy of earth, power of vortex in the world.

We keep setting our hopes on being a bridge to overseas, more to people who love Japan.

Sugako Izawa


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